The Factory is located at Nepalgunj Industrial State shade no12&13, Surkhet Road. The Factory is well equipped with the latest technology of machine regarding manufacturing and testing of Wires and Cables. Our company has experienced and dedicated staff, committed to developing and improving customer service. In addition to these points, we also have trained specialist technical staff who provide back up and valuable help to answer many customer questions

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Pradeep Dugar
Director : Pradeep Dugar
Champalal Bothra
Director : Champalal Bothra


Shikhar Plywood Industries PVT LTD.


Started On : 2039-09-07(B.S.)/1982-12-22(A.D.)
Location: Nepalguj Industrial Area
Registered under Department of industry &
Company Registrar office
Contact No : 00977-81-522122, 525654
E-mail ID :

Forest Friendly Company

We follow the principle that one can make twice the furniture using a given volume of plywood than the same volume of solid timber. Also, plywood and blockboards are manufactured by using a mix of cultivation and natural timber, which helps conservation. Plywood is first of all made out of wood: a natural and renewable resource. Wood is one of the oldest and most important materials, available on a sustainable basis. Wood is also a CO2-neutral material. Not only standing trees, but also timber products, like PLYWOOD, act as a CO2-sink. Plywood is light and requires little energy for processing.


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Why Sikhar Plywood ?

  • Ultimate Sophistication

  • Useful and Different

  • Spaces to start

  • Light Solutions

  • Noise Reduction with style

  • Modern Home Interior

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