Our Process

At Shikhar Plywood every product passes through a given set of production process. Checking is done at every stage of production to ensure that the product is free from any defect. Careful analysis at each and every stage of manufacturing, packaging and distribution has allowed deeper insights into the value creation process.

Top Quality

At Shikhar Plywood, Quality Management is an organization-wide approach to understanding precisely what customers need and consistently delivering accurate solutions within budget, on time and with minimum loss to society.


At Shikhar Plywood and all its member companies there are many activities that extend far beyond production. They include research, design, logistics and distribution, technological services, back-office support, and customer care.

Forest Friendly Company

“Shikhar Plywood is known as the forest-friendly company because we have relentlessly raised the bar of environment awareness by contributing meaningfully to the conservation effort.”

In many forests around the world, logging still contributes to habitat destruction, water pollution, displacement of indigenous peoples and violence against people who work in the forest and the wildlife that dwells there.

Many consumers of wood and paper, and many forest products companies believe that the link between logging and these negative impacts can be broken, and that forests can be managed and protected at the same time.

We at Shikhar Plywood, a forest friendly company, are in complete agreement. We follow the principle that one can make twice the furniture using a given volume of plywood than the same volume of solid timber.

We follow the principle that one can make twice the furniture using a given volume of plywood than the same volume of solid timber. Also, plywood and blockboards are manufactured by using a mix of cultivation and natural timber, which helps conservation.

Shikhar Plywood always uses raw materials that come from managed forests. The Company is very careful about its footprint and the environmental impact that will take place in producing and transporting a product. Shikhar Plywood wants all its customers to enjoy a high quality product while doing their part to help the environment.

Why we are Best ?


We are manufacturing the hydro resistant plywoods.

These are the termite free plywoods.

These are the most durable plywoods available with us.

We are offering the plywood in reasonable rates.

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